• Igor Dovzhuk
Keywords: archival affair, legal regulation in archival affair, The National Archival Fund, legislative work in the archival affair fi eld


The article deals with legal and regulatory aspects of both the archival affair arrangement in Ukraine and the problems of foundation of the basis for legislative and regulatory support of archival affair reorganization in Ukraine that’ll give an ability to organize the proper functioning of the National Archival Fund. It has been emphasized that productive activity of the system of archival institutions facilitates the formation of the National Archival Fund, preservation and using the archival information, realization of administrative, research, information and reference functions within archival affair. It has been noticed that nowadays some mechanism for the implementation of legislative provisions had been gained and due to it the system of archival institutions has been built up, the legal consciousness becomes the activity of the subjects of archival relations which are represented by creators, keepers and users of archival information, its owners and users. But the improvement of regulatory base of the fi eld fi rst is to be done within such fundamental directions as preservation of documents, formation of the National Archival Fund, providing the free using of open information, protection of citizens’ rights, legal interests of the state and entities and at last improving the social status of archivists and the authority of the fi eld. Solution the legal problems of archival affair needs more fundamental scientifi c and theoretical providing. The appearance of private sector of formation of documents intensifi es the problem of property relations due to the NAF documents, in particular making criteria and methods of money value of archival documents. The regulatory acts about personnel and material support of archival stablishments’ activity also need the substantial reasoning. Paying attention on the status of archival institutions within structural subdivision of the body of local authorities, it’s necessary to emphasize that they also have to intensify their participation in the regulatory work because they are nearer to the deep elements of legal relations in archival affair which need a generalization and further regulation. At the same time we should constant that the state archival system doesn’t have enough qualifi ed law service. Naturally that this situation basically hinders the realization of the main function by the State Committee of Archives – regulatory and methodical providing of archival affair and documentation conducting.


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Igor Dovzhuk

Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, professor of Document Science Department SHEE «Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhoriy Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»

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