• Людмила Шимченко Hryhorii Skovoroda Universitu in Pereiaslav
Keywords: decentralization, electronic document circulation, electronic document circulation systems, public administration, electronic services, local referendums, territorial communities, electronic interaction of executive authorities


The study addresses the issue of the level of implementation of electronic document flow in public administration as a component of improving the efficiency and transparency of public authorities. Electronic document flow is an effective tool for organizing and administering information, on the basis of which management processes are taken place. Input data processing, analytical processing of information, taking appropriate management decisions – all this takes place in the context of digital transformation in the form of electronic documents and through optimization mechanisms in the form of Electronic Document Flow Systems (EDFS). Since information flows are diverse, multifaceted and quantitatively large, then the information infrastructure, digital means for processing such information must be accordingly effective. The activities of public administration and local self-government bodies, solving problems of both state and regional levels are highly dependent on this.

The article draws attention to the legal and regulatory support for the introduction of electronic document flow in public administration and the need for timely legalization at the level of the Constitution of Ukraine changes in decentralization in relations between central and local authorities with strict unitary system of our state. Account should also be taking the peculiarities of decentralization such as providing territorial communities with multilevel self-government (financial, resource, functional, etc.) while preserving territorial integrity, but with the possibility of developing the regions.

Authorities, creating special web portals, provide an opportunity for citizens to enter the system of administrative and economic relations, to move from one service to another without the need to re-identify. Information and services are specially thematically grouped by life situations or by specific industries and in this form are provided to citizens in the form of various documents. Such informatization leads to a radical rethinking of the role and structure of authorities. Through simple interaction with the authorities and access to public information, official documents and decisions of administrative bodies, citizens are better informed and more willing to participate in the process of resolving public affairs. Therefore, special attention should be paid to improving the forms of e-democracy, in particular – e-services, local referendums, participation in the petition procedure, etc. Accordingly, at the local level, in the context of the introduction of electronic document flow, it is necessary to streamline administrative procedures, to standardize administrative documents, to use electronic document flow systems in public administration, etc.

Given the relevance, versatility and complexity of the problem of electronic document management in public administration, it is necessary to further study the tools of organization and administration of information in terms of improving decentralization processes, study the tools of local referendums, training local community staff, developing civil society.


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Author Biography

Людмила Шимченко, Hryhorii Skovoroda Universitu in Pereiaslav

Ph.D. in Philosophical Science, Associate Professor of  Department of Documentation sciences and Methods of Teaching

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Шимченко, Л. (2021). ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT FLOW AS AN INNOVATIVE MECHANISM OF ORGANIZATION OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION TOWARDS IMPROVEMENT OF DECENTRALIZATION PROCESSES. Society. Document. Communication, 12(12), 294-311. https://doi.org/10.31470/2518-7600-2021-12-294-311