• Андрій Говоровський
Keywords: history, postal services, communications, postal communication, information society, postal communication development of Ukraine, information technology.


An integral part of the article is the clarification of the
efficiency and quality of postal services provision of Ukraine as one
of the inalienable needs of the state and consumers, the satisfaction
of which is aimed at the industry.
The nature of external factors, as well as transformations
taking place in a rapidly changing environment, and the need to
disseminate and improve the communicative function in society, are
determined, postal communication today is more relevant than ever.
Due to the constant rapid development of the postal industry, it
recognizes the need for adaptation to innovation, and is one of the
decisive factors contributing to the welfare of the people in their
intellectual, technological and spiritual growth.
The preconditions and determinants of the influence of
information technologies have been analyzed through the prism of
historical events, due to which there were significant changes in the
postal system. On the basis of the complex analysis, the main factors
influencing the development and transformation of the postal
industry of Ukraine, which led to radical transformations, were
highlighted. The influence of external factors on the activity of
postal communication in the modern information space, which have a significant influence on the economic and social formation of the
future activity of postal communication of Ukraine, is studied. The
powerful factor of influence on transformation and formation of the
future post industry is highlighted. Regarding the process of service
delivery and the transformation process through the active use of
information technology, which has led to a significant improvement
in the quality of postal services.
The complex analysis helped to find out in full the process of
development and provision of postal services in Ukraine in the
conditions of implementation of information technologies, as well
as at the angle of informatization, features of its socioeconomic and
social status as a characteristic historical and cultural center, which
to a large extent determines the main tendencies and peculiarities
of organization of postal business in the conditions of information
technology implementation.


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