Aims and Scope

The mission of the collection is to provide the scientific community with equal opportunities to publish the results of their research and to disseminate them freely.

Goals of the present Collection:

  • presentation of scientific schools, concepts, theories, approaches, models, methods, technologies, methodologies of documentary direction;
  • popularization of results of modern documentary and sociohumanitarian researches of domestic and foreign scientists;
  • exchange of new scientific information in order to establish business and scientific contacts between scientists from different countries of the world;
  • promotion of active introduction of documentary and sociohuman intelligence into different spheres of social and social life of people and state institutions;
  • creation of an open discussion platform designed to support the exchange of views and the dissemination of information in the scientific community.

Problems of the collection. The collection publishes scientific articles on topical issues of historical science, archeology, historiography, source studies and special historical disciplines (original research results in the field of scientific discipline of documentation, library and publishing affairs, social communications and socio-humanitaristic at the national and international levels) theory and practice of research in the field of modern educational and methodical technologies of specialists training are presented. Messages, opinions, reviews, information about scientific life are placed separately.