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Author Guidelines

General information

The collection publishes original research findings in the field of scientific discipline of documentation (including its linguistic foundations), library and publishing affairs, source criticism, archival science, social communications and socio-humanities at national and international levels. Messages, reviews, reviews, and information on scientific life are placed separately.

Manuscripts submitted to the collection of scientific articles «Socium. Document. Communication» must be original and unpublished. They should not be viewed at the same time by any other publication. The responsibility for the content of the article lies with the authors, not the editors or publishers. Authors should familiarize themselves with the transfer of copyright to the collection of scientific articles «Socium. Document. Communication» of SHEI «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University».

Submissions must be made in accordance with ethical standards in publishing.

The order of reviewing

Reviewing (expert evaluation) of manuscripts of scientific articles is carried out in order to maintain a high scientific and theoretical level of the collection of scientific articles «Socium. Document. Communication» in order to select the most valuable and relevant scientific works. The publication applies double-blind (anonymous) peer review. Reviewing is free. More information on the review process.

Collection of scientific articles «Socium. Document. Communication» does not accept any manifestation of plagiarism and has specific criteria for its detection; uses software to detect text borrowings in submitted manuscripts.

Manuscripts that have found plagiarism or textual borrowing without references on the original sourse are rejected by the editorial board. More about plagiarism policy.

Requirements for the design of articles


The article is submitted in the original language (Ukrainian, Russian or English).

If the article is written in English, it is necessary to submit a translation (in Ukrainian or Russian) to the Editorial Board!

The main body of the article (without annotations and literature) should be at least 10 pages long.

The total volume of the article should not exceed 25 pages.

Technical requirements for the article:

Margins: lower, upper - 2 sm; right - 1.5 sm; left - 3 sm.

Editor: MS Word.

Headset: Times New Roman, pins (size) 14, spacing – 1.

The text is typed without hyphenation.

Regarding the characters: only the following text should be quoted in the text: «», a dash is a short dash: «–». You do not need to put extra spaces, especially in front of square brackets or in parentheses. To prevent this, use the «Unprinted» function.

Tables in the text should be executed in Excel or Word without filling. Drawings made in Word should be grouped together and be a single graphic object. All illustrations must be in black and white or in grayscale, you can use other fill modes (pattern).

The scientific article should contain the following necessary elements:

  • statement of the problem in general form and connection with important scientific or practical tasks; relevance of the topic;
  • analysis of the latest research and publications in which the problem is solved and which the author relies on, the selection of previously unresolved parts of the general problem to which the article is devoted;
  • formulating the goals (goals) of the article, setting the task;
  • presentation of the main research material with full justification of the scientific results;
  • conclusions and prospects for further exploration in this direction.

The article is formulated as follows:

In the upper left corner: UDC code;

In the middle:

  • title of the article (in English, capital letters, bold);
  • title of the article (in Ukrainian, capital letters, bold);
  • article title (in Russian, capital letters, bold);

In two columns:

On the left (in Ukrainian or Russian):

  • name, surname of the author (authors) (italics, bold);
  • academic rank, academic degree, position;
  • e-mail;
  • ORCID;
  • Researcher ID;
  • place of work;
  • postal address of the institution where the author (s) works.

On the right (in English):

  • name, surname of the author (authors) (italics, bold);
  • academic rank, academic degree, position;
  • e-mail;
  • ORCID;
  • Researcher ID;
  • place of work;
  • postal address of the institution where the author (s) works.

Width alignment:

Abstract of the article (in English, italics, volume - not less than 1800 characters without spaces (230-250 words));

Keywords (in English, italics, 6-8 words)

Article text in original language (as required).

SOURCES AND LITERATURE (title in center, bold)

REFERENCES (title in center, bold)

  1. ….

Abstract of the article in Ukrainian (italics, volume - not less than 1800 characters without spaces (230-250 words));

Keywords (in Ukrainian, italics, 6-8 words);

Abstract in Russian (italics, volume - not less than 1800 characters without spaces (230-250 words));

Keywords (in Russian, italics, 6-8 words).

Citation and in-text references to literary sources are made in the APA style, for example (Petrenko, 2008); if the source page is specified, it is given through a colon, for example (Petrenko, 2008: 125).

Literature design

The literature is designed in accordance with the requirements of «DSTU 8302: 2015. Bibliographic reference. General Terms and rules of assembly», of July 1, 2016)

References are made according to the APA standard

For transliteration of the Ukrainian text into Latin the free site http://www.slovnyk.ua/services/translit.php is used (we choose the American variant);

for transliteration of Russian text using the free site http://fotosav.ru/services/transliteration.aspx.

It is important to remember that in foreign databases, a simple transliteration of a source name without its English translation is meaningless.

Conditions for obtaining an Author’s copy of a collection of scientific articles

The collection is forwarded by the New Mail at the expense of the author.

Only after a positive decision of the editorial board to accept the article to print the author pays its cost – 40 UAH per page (this cost includes layout, print edition, assignment to DOI articles, maintenance of the Collection Website, etc.).

The files should be attached to the online submission on the Collection’s website and named by the author’s name:




Articles whose authors do not have a scientific degree are additionally accompanied by the review of the candidate, doctor of sciences by specialty of publication or excerpt from report of the meeting of the department on the recommendation of the article for printing. A review or excerpt of the report shall be submitted in the original or in a scanned form by email.

Privacy Statement

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